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Who we are?

We are a technology company placed in Curitiba (BR) since the beginning, in 2012. We aim to deliver the best quality applications to our clients, and we contribute to our planet by bringing products that avoid printed documents.


Create solutions that help people and companies control their processes on any device, contributing to a sustainable world.

Lâmpada simbolizando as ideias

New ideas

We are always open to suggestions, giving to our clients the opportunity to help us developing the best solution.

Dispositivos diferentes para simbolizar a portabilidade


Our softwares are designed to fully work on the internet, increasing the number of devices that possible can use it.

Suporte Técnico

Technical Support

We have a team working during the business hours, answering our clients in chat, and helping them with remote access.



We work with SaS (Software As Service), so our clients don't need to worry about surprises in payment. You pay only for what you use.

What we do?

Our focus is developing softwares to small and medium companies, who work with "Services", "Clinical Engineering", "Metrology", "Distribution" and "Diagnosis". However, our products are totally adaptable to any necessities of our clients. Know below our main 3 systems:

Company Management

  • What is: Software to manage your company
  • Who uses: Service Providers, Stores, Retail, Distributors and other companies.

The software provides a full integration in your business, where the informations are registered in simple ways, and avoid duplicity in different sectors of your company. The information flux let your company work without printing any document, becoming easy the access to data on the way, and prevents complex workflows.

More about

Documents Delivery

  • What is: Software B2B.
  • Who uses: Companies that need to share informations with their clients.

The CertWEB's objective is make easier the process of communication with clients, increasing the transparency in processes and activities. The CertWEB can work along with SIVS, sharing important informations with the service takers. What is shared, and how much the client can see is controlled by your company.

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Services Management

  • What is: Software for service providers.
  • Who uses: Service providers companies, technical assistance and others.

TecWEB™ aims at portability. Designed to work in Smartphones and Tablets, you can replace the paper in an easy and simple way. TecWEB™ let you collect customer's signature and send your service order filled with the signature in PDF. This software can work alone, or integrated with SIVS aswell.

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We can serve you according to your preference. See below our possibilities to get in touch with us and become a Summit 1' customer!

+55 41 3356-2736
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Know our numbers

More than 1.500.000 service orders finished
More than 400.000 invoices issued
More than 200.000 certificates shared with clients